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Apple’s iCloud Services

Apple’s iCloud Services Apple was late to the cloud services game and even after a number of years, in the arena, continues to play catch-up. That is not to say that they are failing in the cloud services arena, I just think they are still struggling to make their services “just work”. How do I define cloud services for Apple?…

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Apple and Education Part 2

Apple and Education Part 2 Apple held their education event on March 27, 2018 at a public school in the Chicago area. They didn’t stream live but posted a video at the Apple site later in the day. I wrote a post Apple and Education a few weeks back and following the event felt like I needed to write another.…

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Apple and Education

Apple and Education I have been hearing quite a bit of talk about how Apple has lost the education market. I wonder if Apple has left the education market or the market has left Apple? (Am I splitting hairs?) If we take a minute to look back at the times when “experts” would say that Apple owned the education market…

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Initial HomePod Review

HomePod Review Introduction My wife purchased the HomePod for me as a birthday gift. I believe that makes her the best wife ever. We purchased the white HomePod as we were installing in our kitchen and the white color best matches. Looks good. I am doing an early review as I have only had the HomePod for a little less…

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