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Anticipation I have been thinking about how I live my life and how anticipation plays a role. Then I started thinking about whether a person can live life free of anticipation and if they can why would they want to? Is life worth living without anticipation? I like the word anticipation over expectation as I think it holds a little…

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What Defines a Man?

What Defines a Man? I have no intentions of this post being a political stance and am not writing this to offend. I also use the term “man” because that is what I am but feel the post offers wisdom for women as well. As I grow older I find myself in situations where I never expected to be and…

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Biblical History

Biblical History I am not a big fan of history, Biblical or otherwise. I am not sure if I find if boring, complicated or out of reach. I understand that not everyone will love history and the study of the same. Many find Biblical history boring and its study non-essential. While I may struggle to love Biblical history as I…

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Going not Knowing

Going not Knowing All Christians go through times where their faith is severely tested. Mine has been in that phase for over 3 years. We don’t understand why God has us in our particular circumstances and find it hard to be still and follow. We can’t see God’s plan clearly and we struggle against His sovereignty. So what does one…

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