Job Search

Job Search

I have been out of work for over 5 and a half years. In that span I have made money by working but not in a job for which I have been educated or trained. The past five years have been my most stagnant and depressing years for professional growth. The lack of professional satisfaction in my work has taken its toll on me and my family.

I have never stopped looking for work in all these dry years but it reminds me of a definition for Insanity: Repeating the same exact actions over and over expecting different results. I feel, at times, like I am going insane. I have questioned my job search methods, my resume, my abilities, my education and the list goes on. If it could be brought into question that is exactly what I did. There are times when these questions are good to ask and may lead to a different path.

However, that is not the case for me. I did change aspects of my search from time to time. I re-wrote my resume a couple of times and even went to a pictorial form that I continue to use today. In addition, I am particular in where I apply for both company and location. I have mainly stayed in Southern California as that is where my son, his wife and granddaughter and my daughter live. It is also in close proximity to my in-laws and my wife’s immediate family. There have been no shortage of good companies and locations in my search.

I currently apply to about 2 jobs a week that match my search criteria and haven’t heard any positive replies for over a year. It can be and is very frustrating but I can’t stop. I know, in my heart, that there is a position and a company match that will rise from the ashes and provide me the professional growth and challenge for which I have been seeking.

As I have been doing more and more internal searching and review of my process and documentation I am unsure of changes that should or must be made. I know that the steps I am taking have been successful in the past and feel like they will be again in the future. The search criteria is still providing opportunities to which I am responding with good information about my background and qualifications.

My blog is a bit obscure so I don’t expect to get feedback on this post. However, putting the process and information in writing helps me to process and internalize as I re-think about my future.