Biblical History

Biblical History

I am not a big fan of history, Biblical or otherwise. I am not sure if I find if boring, complicated or out of reach. I understand that not everyone will love history and the study of the same. Many find Biblical history boring and its study non-essential. While I may struggle to love Biblical history as I should I recognize the important place it holds in my Christian walk with God.

I am currently reading Chronicles in my daily Bible reading and we are in the midst of a six-week study of Old Testament History at church. I am learning to recognize the importance of history. History shows where we came from as a people, nation and world. We would do well to learn from our past at all levels. Not only learn so as to choose a path forward but also to avoid past mistakes and pitfalls. In addition, history provides a base upon which we can build. Hindsight being 20/20 provides a light into our past so we build on the proper foundation moving forward. This is true for our personal, national and world events but more significantly true for our future as Christians.

History shows truth. When we read Biblical history recorded in the Bible we see real places, real people and real events that provide a basis for our belief in God and also demonstrates God’s hand in the midst of the past. We are able to recognize that God is not a passive participant in the world but its creator and sustainer.

Often in the present we find ourselves asking, “Where is God.” When we take time to look back, we see evidence of God’s hand guiding each and every event. When open ourselves to this truth we find that we begin to see God in our present and look forward to seeing where He will lead in our future.

We are only able to reach this stage of maturity in our Christian walk when we are open to and believe the ultimate importance of Biblical history. When we spend time in God’s word studying what He has recorded for our learning, growth and stability our eyes are open to new truths. Only then can our present and future be stable in Him. Praise the Lord.