Going not Knowing

Going not Knowing

All Christians go through times where their faith is severely tested. Mine has been in that phase for over 3 years. We don’t understand why God has us in our particular circumstances and find it hard to be still and follow. We can’t see God’s plan clearly and we struggle against His sovereignty. So what does one do when faced with these faith struggles.

I listen to Chuck Swindoll daily during my morning walks. For the past couple of months he has been teaching on the life of Abraham. What a great and challenging study. In Hebrews 11:8-9a we read that Abraham obeyed and left his home “Not knowing where he was going”. A great example of faith.

Therein lies the answer. To follow God we do not require Him to provide a roadmap. In fact, we cannot require any insight from a Holy God. We are, instead, required to recognize His authority and follow. That is called obedience.

The question remains: How are we to follow when we can’t see the path? While difficult to implement here are a few simple thoughts:

  1. Stay in God’s word.
  2. Pray
  3. Do what you know is right.
  4. Perform daily at your best. (because we work for Him)
  5. Seek godly counsel from family and friends (not yes men)

I will not say that the above actions are easy and without challenge. That would be false and presumptuous. These steps are difficult and we may fail in their execution. However, God understands our weakness which is why He provided the Holy Spirit to fill us with power. We need to tap into that resource so that we can follow God fully and with our best.

I am still learning myself and will continue as I believe this is a life long journey. My faith will falter at times but if I can remind myself to be diligent with the list above I believe my faith will return stronger than before.

I continue to be in a place where I do not and cannot see God’s plan. However, I am learning to look forward with anticipation at where and when God brings me to full reliance on Him and I find joy in the provided provisions for life regardless of the circumstance.

I will let you know when this chapter completes and provide more detail on the journey. At this time I am just trying to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit placed within me to follow.