Ode to Mom

Ode to Mom

My brief research shows that a U.S. President, who probably really loved his mother, made Mother’s Day an official holiday in May of 1914. I also read of a couple of ladies who really pushed for this official recognition based on the love they had for their mothers. I, personally, hope that the creation of the holiday has no bearing on one’s desire to honor their own mother. However, making one’s mom feel extra special on the 2nd Sunday of May is also a great way of demonstrating additional honor to the one who gave you life.

There are a number of moms who have a special place in my heart and in my life. These are women who I hold in high honor. Each of the moms mentioned in the paragraphs below have played, and continue to play, an important role in my life. Some for the entirety and other’s for differing periods of time. I enjoy a special bond with each.

The first is, obviously, my own mother, Linda. The woman who chose to be a part of the life-giving process for me and my five brothers. The fact that she gave birth to me, making her my mom in the process, is probably the smallest aspect (though maybe the most painful) of why I am forever grateful that she is my mother. The time that she poured into my life will forever impact the person that I am and am still becoming. I am the 5th of six boys but never felt the need to compete for my mother’s love and attention. I have a few memories that stand out. My mom spent time reading to us on a regular basis. She read us books all the way through my high school years. Seems odd but what a demonstration of her care. She and I also worked through the word definitions section of the Reader’s Digest every month. I owe my love of words and vocabulary to both of these exercises. My mom also cared about our education and was able to see all six of her boys graduate college. While she was always involved in all aspects of our life she actually took the time to gather and store special drawings and documents created throughout my entire educational process and then created a book of these records, from kindergarten through college, to present to me upon my college graduation. Extraordinary. My mom was also instrumental in introducing me to her savior, Jesus Christ. She demonstrated His love and mercy through her actions and led me to a fuller understanding of who Christ is and what He did for me, a sinner. I am a Christian today, due in large part, to my mom’s demonstration of Christ in her life. She probably believes this to be the most important part of being my mother. I love her dearly.

The second mom I want to introduce is my mother-in-law, Carol. While I didn’t get to personally experience her mothering techniques I do get to benefit from her efforts in the form of my wife. My mother-in-law poured her life and care into a girl who would grow into a beautiful woman. She taught and lead her in life and provided examples of what it looks like to be a good mother and wife. I also get to experience the continued blessing of having my mother-in-law in my life. She has welcomed me into her family with open arms. From the first time I set foot into her home she has made me feel like family. One small example: When she learned that I didn’t like onion she would actually separate a portion of her special potato salad for me prior to adding onion for the balance of the family. Her love for me is based on her love for God. I am so glad that we share that bond. What a special mom.

The next mom holds my heart and has always treated it with ultimate care. That lady is my wife and the mother of my children, Christal. I married up, as they say. As we approach our 29th anniversary I find myself continually amazed by the woman she is and is becoming. She learned quickly the truth of her vows, “in sickness and in health“, as I became quite ill on our wedding day (a longer story than we have time for in this post). She has never failed to demonstrate her commitment to me and our marriage. Her unique ability to seamlessly transition into motherhood garnered even more respect. She empties herself continually into her children. She has loved, disciplined, cajoled, corrected and encouraged as needed. She has given of her time to be involved in their education and extra-curricular activities. She has performed the act with such care and grace that her children never saw her as overbearing or over-involved. They always knew they could count on her when she was needed. I have had the joy to be an observer of her love in action. Her children praise her in public because of the selfless acts she performed on their behalf. She has demonstrated God’s love and mercy to them as my mom did for me. She has been instrumental in leading both our children to place their faith in the saving grace of Jesus Christ. I know that she believes this to be the most important aspect of her job as a mother to her children. A greater mom may not exist and we all love her whole-heartedly.

The final mother on my list is also the newest in our family. That mom is my daughter-in-law, Kato. She is a special person who has chosen to marry my son and provide for him a stable marriage into which they brought my first grandchild, a sweet granddaughter the likes of which you may never meet. The time and attention that she chooses to spend so that her daughter can grow in a loving home is amazing. She also finds time to have the grandparents be a significant part of her daughter’s life as well. We get the benefit of seeing her performance as a mother and build that into our granddaughter so as she grows she will also recognize the unique and special mom that God provided on her behalf. I cannot express enough the thanks and appreciation we feel toward her for the mother that she is to our precious little granddaughter. It is so precious, when our granddaughter spends significant time with us, to see her point at pictures we have of her mom and then say “mama” with such love. Even at her young age she is already recognizing the special mom in her life. I am so proud of my daughter-in-law and how she demonstrates Jesus love and mercy to our granddaughter and son. She is a blessing.

I recognize that not all have had mothers as I have described in this post. I feel for you and pray that God has provided or will provide such a woman in your life that can fill that void.

I leave you to fill out your final thoughts: Mothers make the world. . .